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School-based Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness Education for Students

  • Twelve 20-minute lessons for students K-8, offered twice per week

  • Developmentally appropriate, culturally competent, trauma-informed

  • Increases attention, emotional regulation, body awareness, empathy, and the ability to respond rather than react

  • Curriculum includes:​

    • ​Noticing thoughts, emotions, and sensations without judgment

    • Brain science - fight/flight/freeze mechanisms, mirror neurons, neuroplasticity, hand brain model     

    • Heartfulness - sending kind thoughts to yourself and others, nurturing compassion and empathy

  • Based on latest research on mindfulness approaches for youth

  • Our program incorporates lessons from Mindful Schools Curriculum  

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Professional Development for Educators

  • One-time workshop tailored to educators and staff (duration is adjustable)

  • Workshop provides:

    • A basic overview of mindfulness, including science behind its effectiveness and neuroscience for trauma-informed care

    • Skills to incorporate mindfulness in the work environment

    • Mindfulness Toolkit with concrete, practical activities to use with students

    • An opportunity for self-care and starting/advancing a personal mindfulness practice 

  • Each experiential workshop is tailored to your needs and staff

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Professional Development in the Workplace

  • One-time workshop tailored to the workplace (duration is adjustable)

  • For you and your company:

    • Reduce stress & anxiety​

    • Increase attention, focus, memory, and productivity

    • Improve interpersonal dynamics and clear communication

    • Walk away with tools to manage personal responses to stress and compassionate coping strategies

  • Each experiential workshop is tailored to your needs and staff

  • Helps accessibility of our mindfulness programs for youth in Philadelphia

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Mindfulness Immersion

  • Half-day mindfulness workshop for adults interested in practicing mindfulness

  • Appropriate for beginners and those with a current practice

  • Deep exploration of three elements of mindulness

    • Thoughts/mind

    • Somatics/body

    • Heartfulness/compassion

  • Walk away:

    • Feeling more free to respond rather than react​

    • Cultivating greater intimacy with yourself and those in your life

    • With a deepened connection and dialogue with your body

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