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Changes Abound: Fall Newsletter 2019

Hello Friends of WIM:  Lots of exciting news to share in this season of change... we hope you are finding moments to slow down & notice the many shifts and seasonal sensations happening outside and in. 

We are thrilled to introduce WIM Mindfulness Educator, Pamela Freeman. Pamela brings breadth and depth of experience, with over 30 years as a social worker and over 15 years as a meditator. Much of her work and volunteer interests have centered on issues of social justice. We are honored to be working together to grow mindfulness education in Philadelphia schools. She has been training with Beth at James Rhoads Elementary in the Kindergarten & 1st grade classrooms, and is dedicated to bringing WIM to her neighborhood school this coming spring. Welcome Pamela!

WIM has expanded in the schools we serve, as well. Shesheena is facilitating WIM's 6-week program with the After School Program at Russell Byers Charter School. She is currently with 3rd and 4th graders, and will reach the entire K-8 student body in the afterschool program by the end of the school year. Beth & Shesheena connected with the staff for a Professional Development workshop in October. Participants experienced mindfulness techniques, practice mind-body-breath activities for self-care, and learned accessible neuroscience to understand the whys and hows of mindfulness. 

Please contact us if you are interested in our Professional Development workshops to enhance your organization or workplace:  

Ability to recognize personal stressors and use mindfulness tools to calm in challenging situations in order to respond rather than react.Understand basic neuroscience of stress and mindfulness.Recognize how pressure and stress manifest physically and learn tools to relax the nervous system and strengthen the mind-body connection.Increase capacity for connection with students/colleagues by practicing compassion, understanding Fight Flight Freeze responses.Practice heartfulness (intentional compassion) for self and others. 

What else is WIM up to? We are happy to be back at Samuel Powel School with the third grade teachers and students. Beth has heard feedback from the teachers, students, and the school counselor that they are using mindfulness in the classroom and at home outside of WIM's program time. This is our vision! A mindfulness community where wellness & healing are accessible and a part of daily life.

As you know, Philadelphia schools are severely underfunded and children are not given the investment they deserve. We are committed to offering our services regardless of a school's ability to pay. We are currently fundraising to expand our school programming and offer workshops to youth. We are full of gratitude for your support. Click here to donate.

With appreciation & wishes for a peaceful fall, Team WIM

Pamela Freeman, Beth Jellinek, Shesheena Bray


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