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What IS Mindfulness? 

What IS Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is noticing what is happening now, without judgement.

It is a powerful tool that has been shown to decrease stress,

and increase attention, impulse control, emotional regulation and empathy.


  • We teach mindfulness and 'hearfulness' practices. Mindfulness practices are a moment-by- moment awareness of thoughts, emotions and sensations. “Heartfulness” practices nurture kindness and compassion for self and others.

  • Our program curriculum is based on best-practices and evidence-based research in the fields of neuroscience and trauma-informed care. 

  • Some of the skills we teach include mindful breathing, mindful listening (to ourselves and to each other), mindful movement, and taking notice of our thoughts and emotions without judgment.

  • By learning and practicing mindfulness skills, we can develop a toolkit that helps us respond rather than react.

  • When we are activated in our fight, flight or freeze states, we can easily 'flip our lid'. In this state, we do not have access to our higher order tools like learning new information and conflict resolution, important functioning to succeed in education, communication, and navigation of complex systems.

  • We work with tools of mindfulness to become more aware of how our nervous system responds, and what it feels like in the body. We can implement mindfulness skills to come back to a receptive state, where we can take in information and choose how we want to respond.  Mindfulness is a superpower!




Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
~Viktor Frankl

Our Mission

What Is: Mindfulness (WIM) brings mindfulness education to children and adults in Philadelphia.

We offer tools, grounded in trauma-informed care and neuroscience, to empower participants to apply 'awareness with compassion' to self and others. 

Mindfulness is an avenue towards 

emotional regulation, empathy, and embodiment. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

WIM is committed to the accessibility of wellness & healing.

We hold social justice as a foundational value, and offer mindfulness as a tool to navigate systems of inequity. 


We envision a mindfulness community that tends to

self-awareness, compassion and empathy, in order for participants to feel free and whole. 


Who We Are

Meet the WIM Team

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Beth Jellinek

Executive Director

Beth Jellinek is Executive Director and Co-founder of What Is: Mindfulness. Beth’s personal practice of mindfulness and witness to the power of its implementation with her therapy clients, along with a deep commitment to social and racial justice and trauma-informed care for those impacted by systemic disparities, coalesced to launch What Is: Mindfulness in 2016. 


Beth has years of experience working in Philadelphia schools in a variety of capacities - as a program coordinator and therapist leading grief groups and implementing a Grief Awareness Program for students, as a researcher gathering data on health parameters, and as a K-5 teacher.

Beth is passionate about connecting to youth and creating healing spaces for their resilience to shine. Mindfulness education is a synthesis of her work in education and mental health. 

As a licensed professional counselor, Beth has worked in a wide range of settings - community mental health, university counseling, and at a grief center. Beth currently works with clients in her private practice at Threshold Wellness. She received her M.Phil.Ed in Professional Counseling and M.S.Ed in Psychological Services from the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education, an M.Ed in Elementary Education from Arcadia University, and a B.A in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. 


Shesheena Bray 

Mindfulness Educator

Shesheena A. Bray is Boston native who has taken up roots in Philadelphia. Shesheena came to Philadelphia to attend Temple University in 2003, where she completed her undergraduate studies in African American Studies and Political Science. During her time at Temple, she became actively involved in various grassroots political organizations. Shesheena dedicated over a decade to deepening her understanding of her community’s needs and actively working to create sustainable solutions to issues of police terrorism; mass incarceration; political prisoners; and culturally relevant education.


In 2014, Shesheena realized her service to Black and Brown communities was best actualized through her passion: mental and emotional wellness. Honing her focus and training, Shesheena earned her M.S.Ed in mental health counseling from The University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. In 2017, Shesheena started Going Inward Wellness, LLC: a mental health practice committed to supporting clients on their journey inward toward self actualization. Shesheena believes the most rewarding journey is inward.


Shesheena has also held professional appointments at Harcum College; The University of Pennsylvania Upward Bound Program; The Future Project; People’s Emergency Center; and ICA Philadelphia.

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Pamela Freeman

Mindfulness Educator

Pamela was born and raised in Newport, RI. She arrived in Philadelphia to attend graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work. Through her 30 years of practice, she has worked in a variety of settings including community mental health, running groups in a women’s prison and a homeless shelter, directing a sexual assault unit at Temple University Counseling Center, and organizing and teaching activists contemplative practices.


She is currently in private practice where she sees individuals, couples and families.

Much of her work and volunteer interests have centered on issues of social justice. She is the founder of the Philadelphia Black Women’s Health Project and co-founder of Playback for Change, a local improv theatre company focused on race, gender and class, which is a member of Playback International. She has

taught Playback in many countries including South Africa, Singapore and Taiwan.

Pamela has been a meditator for over 15 years. She co-leads a monthly People of Color sit in Mt. Airy and serves on the board of Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA. She is excited and honored to join Beth and Shesheena to augment her skills in teaching meditation to children in Philadelphia Public Schools.

What people are saying about WIM:

 "Mindfulness activities help students and teachers to be aware, get focused, and tend to self care. I benefited personally in increased empathy, decreased irritation, reduction of stress, and learning new resources." 

~ 3rd grade teacher, Powel Elementary

"Thank you for your time and energy. The students and I really appreciate mindfulness concepts and enjoyed learning how to apply these concepts to our everyday life." ~ 5th grade teacher, Rhoads Elementary School

"I loved cake breath and joyful breath and every time I get angry I will make sure I will use it. You really help us control our anger. We will miss you and all your activities" ~ 3rd grader, Powel Elementary

“Thank you for letting me ring the bell and touching the brain and teaching us how to be calm and showing us an example to calm down and teaching us about animal brains and other things” ~ 2nd grader, Rhoads Elementary

"I have to tell you that my weekly mindfulness classes have been a life line for me.  I see a huge difference in my calmness and peace.  I have been carrying it through my week. I also wanted to share that my morning message was on being generous.  I wanted to follow up with the whole school after this week's class.
Thank you so much!!!"

~ Anna Jenkins, Principal at Adaire

"I will use this tool in the way to teach how to be in community by traditional folklore drumming as mindfulness"

~ Christian, Teaching artist

"I loved the group dynamic. There was an intimacy that I never felt in other Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses or subsequent group meditation sessions. Also in contrast with MBSR, I felt Beth and Julia provided a more connected content—it was well-developed and thoughtful to begin with, but they also delivered it in a way that was responsive to the group. They let the program and conversation flow and, without being authoritative, they weren't afraid to answer questions about mindfulness. It was a restorative experience. Beth and Julia are a perfect compliment to one another. The content was informed and creative and they delivered it with grace and patience." 

~ Kate, Immersion participant

"Thank you so very much for the past 8 weeks! The students, their parents, and I are all going to sorely miss our sessions with you!!  It has been a truly amazing learning experience for the students and for me! I can definitely see the growth in the children."

~ 1st grade teacher, Adaire Elementary School 

"I'm so grateful for the opportunity provided by Beth and Julia- to learn more about myself in deep and complex ways, with support and guidance, free from judgement and the trappings of my own insecurities. The mindfulness class that I attended empowered me to listen and make time for the the voices and energy operating deep inside. It was a gift I could not have given myself. Thank you Beth and Julia! You are true healers!" 

~ Katya, Immersion participant

"The students were so grateful for the mindfulness class. They learned a lot about the research supporting the impact of mindfulness, but were most impressed with the experiential piece of your program."

~ Dr. Christina Lecker, professor at Temple University


"Thank you for giving us a window into the world of mindfulness. The workshop was well-paced and full of valuable insights. The opportunity for us to practice mindfulness and reflect on the process was most welcome. We feel it will be so useful to bring to the kids. Can't wait to have you join us at Rhoads!" 

~ ArtWell teaching artists


"The teen leaders loved the workshop! The girls felt it was so meaningful and continued to talk about it in the following weeks. We want to have you back for more!"

~ Alisha Berry, Executive Director at Camp Sojourner



Russell Byers Charter School

James Rhoads Elementary School 

Samuel Powel Elementary School

Henry Houston Elementary School

Adaire Elementary School

Wissahickon Charter School

Hope Partnership Middle School

Taller Puertorriqueño

Vitality Meditation


Camp Sojourner, Girls Leadership Camp

Girls Justice League

Philly Tree People

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